'Jackson urges voters to push for equality' Feb 15 2011

Visiting Dublin for the launch of the Equality and Rights Alliance’s Make Your Mark campaign, the Rev Jackson told the Irish Examiner his approach is not only anchored in fairness but also sound economics.

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'Our leaders could learn an awful lot from Jesse' Feb 15 2011

What a pity that Enda and Eamon and Micheal and John and Gerry didn't all down tools yesterday morning, call a brief ceasefire from the campaign trail, and head to Dublin Castle.What a pity they -- and all electioneering politicians -- weren't in the hall to hear this iconic figure of so many struggles speak about politics and equality,

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'Jackson urges people to vote but says power may lie outside political system' Feb 15 2011

Reverend Jackson encouraged Irish people to dream beyond circumstances. “You may not be responsible for being down but you must be responsible for getting up. Don’t let anything break your spirit. Forward ever, backward never.”

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'Rev Jesse Jackson criticises banks bailout' Feb 14 2011

Civil rights campaigner Reverend Jesse Jackson has criticised the bailing out of Ireland's banks with taxpayer funds while workers were punished with cuts.He spoke out as he launched the Equality and Rights Alliance's (Era) roadmap to a stronger equality and human rights infrastructure, which laid out the statutory improvements needed to build a more equal Irish society.

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"Increased Budget for Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Welcomed" Dec 19 2013

Rachel Mullen, Coordinator for the Equality and Rights Alliance, pointed out that “while this increased funding is an important step in the right direction, the budget of the new body remains €1.5 million less than the combined budgets of its predecessor bodies (Equality Authority and Irish Human Rights Commission) prior to the disproportionate cutbacks in their budgets in 2009”.

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"Discriminating Section 37 Must be Deleted from Employment Equality Act" November 7 2013

Rachel Mullen, Coordinator of the Equality and Rights Alliance, noted: “any exemption in equality legislation which results in discrimination against another group protected under equality legislation is unacceptable".

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"Strengthened economic, social and cultural rights the way to fight rising discrimination with austerity" Sept 24 2013

Economic, social and cultural rights must be a core focus of the proposed Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) if it is to truly challenge the rising levels of discrimination and human rights violations being experienced with austerity. That was the clear message from representatives of over 60 civil society groups, gathered at an Equality and Rights Alliance (ERA) seminar to discuss the future work of the proposed new Commission.

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"Discrimination widespread during recession while state equality and human rights response is languishing" Sept 24 2013

The report, produced by Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA), shows that between 2008 and 2011, cases coming before the Equality Tribunal fell by 33% (down from 996 to 671 cases), cases supported by the Equality Authority plummeted by nearly 66% (from 68 to 23 cases), and the Irish Human Rights Commission granted legal assistance in just three cases in 2011. The issue will be discussed at an ERA seminar, to be opened today by new European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, who will give her views on protecting rights in a time of austerity.

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'Alliance welcomes European analysis that cuts are strangling equality & human rights in Ireland' Feb 19 2013

Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) said that it welcomed the endorsement by the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) for the alliance’s long standing analysis that severe cuts to Ireland’s equality and human rights bodies had strangled their effectiveness for four years and were now threatening the viability of their proposed merger.

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